Opening Hours:

Customer Service

10 am - 10 pm Monday to Sunday


You can enjoy our services around the clock as long as there is therapists available to serve you.



1. Please understand we can only reserve your booking upon full payment being made.  If we cannot confirm on your time, we will contact you for an alternative or if not, you can expect a full refund.


2. If your location is not accessible by public transport other than taxi, return taxi fare to and from the closest public transport will need to be reimbursed to the therapist.  But don't worry, if that is the case we will inform you straight after your booking.


3 There are many unexpected circurmstances that can happen when traveling to you, please do allow between 15-30 minutes of grace period for your therapist to arrive.


4 Last minute bookings can rarely be satisfied, so please book in advance.


5. Please DO NOT contact us if you are looking for any sexual services or related type of massage services.  Our services are strictly massage only.

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